9 Things Your Computer Repair Guy Won’t Tell You

In every industry, there is a place for things and emotions that only the insider knows about. Here is your chance to stand behind a computer repair shop counter and see a customer the way your average computer repair technician sees him/her.

what computer repair guy won't tell you

1. If you are lying, I will find out. Don’t pretend that you don’t know why your laptop doesn’t power on, I will know if you’ve spilled coffee on the keyboard. If you ask me to recover your data, feel free to mention that you’ve reinstalled the OS. I can tell you exactly how your computer got infected, I’ve seen your porn. It is probably nothing I haven’t heard before, so we can laugh (or cry) together and get to work. If I don’t know what happened, it just makes it so much harder, and it will take longer to fix the issue. And I will know anyway if you didn’t tell me the truth.

2. Not everything is urgent. We use computers every day. It is natural that you miss it when it has to be relocated to my workbench. But you have to give me some time. Remember that I waste time answering your frequent phone calls, and understand that I probably have other computers I’m working on at the same time. I cannot stop working on the computer that was checked in before you, just because you have not checked your email or updated your status for two days. And yes, I dare to think you can use library (gasp!) to access Internet if you so urgently need to.

3. Apple sticker on a PC is very annoying. Talk about wishful thinking. You are probably the one, who believes than Macs are bulletproof. And you will make sure we know that next time you will be buying from Apple. You are a living proof that Apple’s marketing team is doing a great job. Of course, you won’t believe me when I say that Mac computers brake and get infected too. They really do, you just don’t hear about it as much, because there are far less Macs than PCs on the market.

4. Your computer is a piece of junk. I don’t want to hurt you feelings. I can understand that you may be emotionally connected to your 5-year old computer. You like Windows XP. You know where every single folder is located. You have grown to understand how to tweak and troubleshoot the little problems it might be having. We get attached to stuff sometimes. What I cannot understand is how you expect me to make it as fast a latest PC on the market. Please hear me when I say that I recommend you to buy a new computer. Less pain for you, and me.

5. I don’t want to tell you how you can fix your computer. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be asking me questions, if you knew what you were doing. I don’t want you trying to fix something and blame me, if things get worse. So I might redirect you to your Internet Service Provider if you cannot go online. Or ask you to call the manufacturer of the hardware or software that seems to be causing the problem. Just because what you are describing over the phone is not always exactly the situation. Half of the time, it is you who is the problem.

6. I cannot fix everything. Sometimes the components just die. Almost always you can replace them. If you store important information on it, however, always have a backup. I don’t know every time the reason why things break, nor do I have magic powers to bring the computer back to life immediately just because your presentation is tomorrow. Did I mention that you should back up your data?

7. I don’t want to know that you are A+ certified when you come asking for help. You set yourself up. It is generally not the right time to show off your credentials. If you have been certified years ago and are working in another field right now, just admit it. Or keep it to yourself. And don’t argue with me when you don’t like my answers. Just because you spend all day Googling the problem, it doesn’t make you an expert. We wouldn’t be talking, if you were one.

8. I talk about you. By the time I have removed virus from your computer for the third time in a month, I know that the computer is not the problem. I might even have to mention to my colleague that your computer is having a very common I.D.I.O.T. error while you are still at the counter.

9. I can spend all day on a half hour worth of work, and you will never know. I might have an idea of what’s wrong, but I will run deep scans on everything just to make sure. Just because I feel that you will appreciate my work more if it takes longer. If I bill you for $100 half hour later for OS installation, you might think it was too easy and that you could have done it yourself.


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    This article speaks miles about your character and your attitude towards your customers. At my work, things like this would get you fired. Your whole attitude is negative. We don’t think or say these things behind the counter. Our customers are like our friends and family. We don’t belittle the customer, we consult them and help them. Yeah, I’m not going to tell a customer how to fix the issue themselves, because there could be more to it. Not because they are lying, which is rarely the case if they are (I don’t know if they are or not), but because they don’t know, and I won’t know whats really going on until I’ve seen and diagnosed the problem. The simple fact you go through their computer looking for porn is a complete breach of their privacy. But I guess, only people with integrity and some respect for others would care about things like that. Any person who goes to this persons shop, I honestly feel bad for. This person is the type of people who make other computer repair places look bad. And with that, really think about who you are going it before you go.

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      I’m glad to hear that you care and value every customer who chooses to pay for your services. I wrote an article, and although I do not have a shop of my own, I have worked in a tech shop inside a major retail computer store. I cannot speak for every tech, but if you were to cover the negative side, I have seen it, and I believe that that would be it. The points made in the article should never be a guideline, and are meant to be appalling to a certain extent, hence the name “…won’t tell you”. If it was something great, why would there be any secrets, don’t you think?

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    Seriously, go through this post and revise it. So many spelling and grammatical errors, apart from using the wrong word for a similar sounding one. You come off as a douche, but bad grammar is unforgivable.

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      I too believe that bad grammar doesn’t make any article look credible or enjoyable. Unfortunately, English is my second language, and I currently cannot afford to hire anyone to proofread articles for me. I believe that I have done the best I could, and if you are willing to point out where the mistakes were made exactly, I promise you to have them corrected right away.

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    Well said about computer maintenance very nice information to make sure how to make it safe and sound. Once a time i have face fan problem in my PC effected by dust after this i do very careful.Brilliant article

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